About us

About us


Our philosophy is simple. We want to help you have fun with your own sexuality. Love yourself, love others. Our wooden love toys are designed to inspire you to experiment with yourself. Discover your own or your partners desires. Let go. Relax. Think about what you want, explore what feels good, what excites. Keep it to yourself or share. You got it in your hand.


Our other motto is to counter the colourful bouquet of battery-operated silicone toys with a piece of sustainability. We live in a throwaway society where products are characterised by a limited performance guarantee. Our sex toys are made of wood. A renewable resource that can be processed in a very environmentally friendly way. Although the sealant contains a plastic component, this helps the product to last. Because our goal is to present you with a toy that is manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible and that will give you pleasure for a long time.


beneLIGNI sex toys are characterised by their natural aesthetics. Wood inherently brings warm colours into play and features dynamic grains. In tune with the organic shapes of our toys, a timeless harmony is created. We are sure that our products will not go out of fashion. The individual grain makes each toy as unique as you are.