Wooden Dildo BENEBRIGHT Maple

Ø narrow end: 3.6 cm
Ø wide end: 4.3 cm
Length: 21 cm

The bright wood of these cheerful trees symbolizes elegance and purity. It fulfills your syrupy dreams and desires.


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BENEBRIGHT has a classic thick shaft and a slight curvature according to its natural counterpart. A huge advantage of this model is the constant strength and it can be used on both sides.

You can clean the sextoys with any soap under warm water and also with sextoy disinfectant. Do not use any abrasive agents, because they can damage the paint. Then dry them with a soft cotton cloth.


+ hautfreundlich
+ hypoallergen
+ absolut glatt und super gleitfreudig
+ mit allen gängigen Gleitgelen kompatibel
+ 6 Jahre Garantie
+ geringes Gewicht
+ hochglänzende Lackierung
+ extrem langlebig
+ handgefertigtes Naturprodukt