Everything about our design, handling, safety and packaging.


Everything about our design, handling, safety and packaging.

Wide and narrow

Many of our toys are 2 in 1 and can be used from two sides, either with the narrow or the wide end. Variety is the charm of life. Variety is the charm of life.

Design and soul

beneLIGNI combines wood and feelings to asymmetrical dildos, with curved lines, without rough edges. Instead with warm colors and different textures.


Our love toys feel nice to the touch. No matter which position or which angle you prefer - the ergonomic shape promises carefree pleasure. It's in your hands.


The low density of wood ensures a lightweight and long playing fun without tiring hands and arms.

Warms up quickly

Our wooden toys quickly adapt to your body temperature and reach a comfortable temperature in a few moments.

Lubricant of your choice

Whether water-based, silicone-based, plant-based, oil etc... The surface of our wooden dildos is absolutely smooth, gliding and compatible with all common lubricants.

Bathing and showering

You want to immerse your beneLIGNI Lovetoy in a warm, relaxing bath? No problem! All of our wooden dildos are sealed to an absolutely high quality and can be used in bath and shower.

Pleasure spotting

With the help of our organically shaped love toys you can search for your own G-/P- spot or your partners.

Enjoyment & pleasure

We do not only sell wooden dildos, we sell joy. Our philosophy is simple: we want to help you have fun with your own sexuality. Love yourself, love others.

Aware and original

You can immediately feel the moment. Our toys are always ready to go, do not need batteries, don't vibrate and are completely silent. No bluetooth connection, no charging, no wifi, no problem. So you can concentrate on the important things.


The kind of your climaxes depends entirely on you and how you use the toys with their different applications. Of course we can't offer you anything like a 100% orgasm guarantee. But we can guarantee fun in any case.

No burr

Plastic sex toys are produced with the help of moulds and sometimes leave visible and even noticeable casting lines. We produce perfect dildo surfaces.

No label

We let the beautiful wooden surface speak for itself and do without disturbing logos on the wooden dildos. Whoever interrupts the aesthetics of the wood grain with a branding is, in our opinion, on the wrong track.

Solid wood

For our wooden love toy we only use unglued solid wood. Our standard wood types are maple, cherry, nut, mahogany, padouk and olive.


beneLIGNI Lovetoys do not contain any animal ingredients or products.


Our sealant is completely hygienic, allergy-free, extra durable and meets the highest safety requirements. It is certified according to DIN EN 71/3 (free of heavy metals, safety of toys) and DIN 53160 (saliva and perspiration resistant).


To get the curved surface of our toys so wonderfully smooth, we sand, paint and check by hand - every single toy.

Sawing and milling

Experts in Italy take care of all the work around the wood blanks, from purchasing to drying, sawing, milling and sanding the wood. They produce the beautifully asymmetrical shapes.

Varnishing and polishing

Experts from Leipzig/Saxony seal the wood in four to six layers. In this way a highly solid surface is achieved. This effort is necessary to prevent the migration of substances contained in the wood and to close pores in the wood.

Made in Germany and Italy

We at beneLIGNI live and work in Leipzig/Saxony. This is where the ideas and the design for the wooden dildos are born. The wooden blanks are manufactured in South Tyrol/Italy and then painted, checked for quality and packed here on site.


We give 6 years guarantee on our sex toys.


You can clean the sextoys with any soap under warm water and also with sextoy disinfectant. Do not use any abrasive agents, because they can damage the paint. Then dry them with a soft cotton cloth.


Wood is an organic material and reacts to temperature, so you should protect your toy from extreme heat or cold. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and protect from temperature fluctuations. Avoid dropping the dildo or hitting hard objects with it.

Safe and splinter-free

beneLIGNI wooden toys are completely smooth sanded and sealed. If used as intended, splinters cannot occur. Check your toy for damage before each use.

Partner companies

Behind beneLIGNI there are more than three partner companies who support us throughout the entire production process with woodwork, painting and packaging. Together we create great, high quality, super durable love toys for sustainable love.

We are beneLIGNI

Love - Sex - Fun - Sustainability. Our wooden dildos are the hyphens that bring these words together. Fun with your own sexuality. Pleasure in the love for oneself and for others. Respond to the colourful bouquet of battery-operated silicon dildos with a piece of sustainability.

Discreet shipping

Our discretion is guaranteed. All our products come inconspicuously by mail, without a visible indication of the contents. And of course without plastic adhesive tape and without plastic filling material. For packaging we only use paper, cardboard and paper tape.

Reduce plastic

We take care to circulate as little plastic as possible. We also require our partners to avoid using plastic during the production process. Our aim is to offer products that respect the interaction between living beings and their environment. Therefore our wooden dildos are durable, ecological and use as little plastic as possible.